1883 Magazine sits down with Chloe Star to discuss her latest single "Wasted Youth", visiting London, and more.

The latest in new music from Will Young, HONNE, Nxdia, aimei 媚 & more in this week’s 1883 On Rotation playlist.

LA based trio Cannons are over a decade into their career - and have no plans of slowing down.

A collection of interviews with on-the-road music photographers discussing their takes on tour, life parallel to the spotlight, and being the historians of the up-and-comers and stars of the industry.

Following her directorial debut I Wish You All The Best premiering at SXSW, first-time filmmaker Tommy Dorfman is excited to see where her next chapter leads her. 

Maurizio Lombardi oozes charm. From the moment he walks on screen in Steven Zaillian’s Ripley he commands a presence, a force that makes you think immediately of old Hollywood detectives.

Kenzie finds words for the aftermath of heartbreak and betrayal on new track “word vomit.” 

1883 Magazine chats with Laya DeLeon Hayes about the newest season of The Equalizer, horror films and facing online fandoms.

Eurovision star Benjamin Ingrosso sits down with 1883 to discuss his new single, his upcoming album and tour.

Following 9-1-1’s debut on ABC, some fans anxiously worried about the state of the show. Fan favourite Oliver Stark is here to ease those qualms all while reflecting on Buck's past and future.

The latest in new music from daydreamers, Sunday (1994), Good Neighbours, The Warning & more in this week’s 1883 On Rotation playlist.

Rufus, the collection of 13 sonic episodes, is the newest Yot Club compilation, tying up Brooklyn-based Ryan Kaiser's vulnerabilities into a non-linear cartoon album. 

From shooting campaigns with CELINE to volunteering with his community's local food truck, Seth Lee knows the importance of intertwining his love for art and culture with his commitment to giving back.

At just 18 years old, rising indie-pop artist Cloe Wilder has accomplished more in just a few short years than a lot of seasoned artists will in a lifetime.

1883 sits down with Evan Williams to discuss The Way Home, his music project Bright World, and more.

Waiting For Smith has curated a list of some of his favourite tracks for this week's 1883 Magazine playlist.

1883 chats with Sofia Camara about her new single "Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent),” her dream dinner party guest list, and more.

Sakura Ando’s penchant for playing complicated women is something that has, in part, defined her.

Over a cup of tea, and with a certain British charm, Toby Sebastian speaks to 1883 about creative inspiration, collaborating with his sister Florence Pugh and how he’s learning to trust the process.

1883 Magazine sits down with John Cardoza to discuss bringing The Notebook to the Broadway stage. 

1883 Magazine sits down with Maggie Lindemann to chat about HEADSPLIT, where she’s at in her career, and what’s to come for this new era of music.

The latest in new music from Lenny Kravitz, Skaiwater, meg elsier, Bradley Simpson & more in this week’s 1883 On Rotation playlist.

Cavetown is showcasing a new level of vulnerability on his latest EP, Little Vice.

The collection "Komspolíta" captures the essence of a cultural fusion, blending Italian, German, and Latin American influences into a vibrant tapestry of style and identity.

Following the release of Traumatic Livelihood and in the midst of a mini UK acoustic tour, 1883 sits down with Jazmin Bean to chat about the record.

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